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2017-04-08 09:33 am
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well, fuck you too, Russia

yeeeah, those new TOS, amiright? ::cringe::

Since Russia can just fuck off with its draconioan, racist, homophobic self, i'm migrating over to Dreamwith.
you can find me at https://alien-sunset.dreamwidth.org/
(yeah, not terribly origional, i know)

I'm still not going to be actully posting very much, I've kinda move on form this format - I'm mostly just keeping it around for archival purposes. So if youd like a bit more interaction from me, you can also find me as @alien_sunset on twitter and alien-sunset on Tumblr. (again with the lack of origionality, at least I'm consistent, eh?)

alright guys, see ya on the flipside.